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May 06, 2017

Welcome to the new and improved Pogamat blog! With summer fast approaching and swimsuit season on people’s minds, it seemed like the opportune time to begin giving our customers access to valuable health, fitness and wellness information.

At Pogamat, we have tested methods, workouts and diets ourselves (or done lots of research) so that you don’t have to! This blog is not only targeted to our customers and followers who are gearing up for bikini season (although the information we provide will help with that!) but, more importantly, it is for anyone who wants to commit to and implement healthy eating habits, workouts and realistic techniques to help lead a more focused and intentional way of life. How does that sound? Are you ready to dive right in?! Good, we are too. Stay tuned!

Pogamat is based in ColoradoWhat We Do

Based in beautiful Colorado, Pogamat is a manufacturer of high-quality exercise and yoga mats. Our customers are personal trainers, yoga instructors, gym owners, coaches, athletes, moms, dads, yogis, current and retired military and everyone in between! We pride ourselves on the sustainability and versatility that our mats offer our valued customers!

Benefits of Pogamat:

► Wider – Longer – More Durable

► Great for all types of workouts

► Dense material reduces impact with hard surfaces. Reduces impact on wrists, elbows, hips, knees during workout

► No Odor – You will not need to let Pogamat “air out” before using. You can unroll Pogamat and start working out immediately.

► Anti-Slip Surface – The top of the exercise mat has a non sticky grip and traction to keep from slipping.

► Material Doesn’t Crumble – Pogamat is made of high quality material and designed for high intensity workouts. You can wear shoes on Pogamat and it will not crumble into small pieces There will be NO clean up after a workout.

► Great On Any Surface – Pogamat has a textured bottom to prevent sliding on any surface. Pogamat has been used on carpet, tile, hardwood, grass, in garages, parking lots, and at the beach.


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