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Pogamat Ambassador Program

Through the Pogamat Ambassador Program we create lasting relationships with yogis, yoga studios, athletes, athletic teams, gym owners, and non profit organizations that are elevating their communities by being a guide for fitness, wellness and clean living. Our ambassadors put in the grind and sweat every single day, all while choosing to use our Pogamat products.

Pogamat ambassadors share their love of Pogamat products with the world around them.

Ambassadors are eligible to collaborate with us through online content, photo sessions, and even product development. Through this program, we can combine efforts in building a community, creating connections, and spreading our love of staying active.

To find out more about our ambassador program click below

Jenny Graddy

Elena Bastani

Hillary Evans

Alicia Holm

Amanda McGuigan

Mabel Butler

Roxanne Estes

Co-Founder of PageFly

Staci Bolwerk Baker

Erika Curtis


Michelle Benge

Maria De Noda

Jill Weiss

Rachael Carlevale

Hannah Muse

Julie Shaull

Rachel Shonkoff

Claire Giannaula

Jon Greenblatt

Aimee Luz Mendoza

Ashley Armstrong

CrossFit Instructor

Mellissa Mclaughlin

Abigail Rhyme

Gulnur Ozturk

Yoga Teacher

Leslie Rangel

Yoga Instructor
Fitness Instructor
Beachbody Coach

Michelle Piccirillo Carey

Kasi Good

Stephanie Lauren

Ken J. Manderson

Britney Leon


Pamela Kay Marshall

Rob Johnston

Rhonda Hernandez

Jennifer Morrison

Kathy Donnelly

Erica Ippolito

Simone Adderly

Social Worker
Yoga Practitioner

Ginger Willemstyn

Rebecca Simmons

Terrina A Johnson

Derek Espiritu

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