25 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Yoga Mat

September 02, 2014

Spare the landfills of one more thing and find a creative way to repurpose your old yoga mat.

Have you recently upgraded your yoga mat to a high quality, multi-purpose exercise mat like Pogamat?  Congratulations!  We know that you’ll love the large size and the extra level of comfort and safety it will bring to your exercise routine.  But before you just throw something else into the garbage, check out these creative ways to repurpose your old yoga mat.  It’s always a great idea to reduce, reuse and recycle!

  1. Cut it to fit the bottom of pet crates to give a little extra comfort to our furry friends.
  2. Donate it to an animal shelter; they can surely use it in crates and kennels.
  3. Cut it to fit inside of cupboards to protect glassware and keep them from slipping.
  4. Smother weeds in your garden.  Set the mat over a section and weight it down with rocks if needed.
  5. Use it as a non-slip gripper underneath area rugs.
  6. Cut to size and use as foot pads under furniture to protect hardwood and tile floors.
  7. Protect the paint job in the bed of your truck by using it as a pad underneath items.  It will keep them from sliding around and protect against scratches.
  8. Use as a knee pad when working in the garden or doing other jobs around the house.
  9. Use it in the tub to protect little ones from slipping around.  It can also be cut to size for use in small infant bath tubs.
  10. Wrap it around breakable objects when packing to move or shipping items.
  11. Cut it down to size to make reusable, easy to clean coasters and placemats.  Then you can decorate the top as you like.
  12. Insulate drafty doors and windows.
  13. Cut into wide strips and use a hot glue gun to make sleeves for hot and cold drinks.
  14. Use it for cushion when working underneath the car.
  15. Glue it to the bottom of decorative tiles to make your own trivets.
  16. Cut it to fit the bottom of your houseplant pots to protect floors and ledges from water marks.
  17. It makes a great doormat outside of your tent or trailer when camping.
  18. It’s great for craft activities with kids.  Use cookie cutters and stencils to cut out all kinds of different shapes.  Or keep it whole and use as a play mat for messy projects like finger painting, Play-Doh, clay sculpting, etc.
  19. Cut it up into mouse pads.
  20. Place under your sleeping bag for a little extra cushion on the ground.
  21. Cut small pieces as grip pads to open jars.
  22. Cut and secure two layers together to make an easy, portable seat cushion for sporting events, concerts and more.
  23. Makes a great non-slip mat for underneath dog and cat dishes.
  24. Cut a small piece and roll up to fit inside an open wine bottle.  Great to have around for when you lose or break the cork!
  25. Cut to fit chairs to provide extra cushion.

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