Alternative Uses for Your Exercise Mat

alternative uses for your exercise matYou may not have realized that you can get more for your money by taking advantage of alternative uses for your exercise mat.

When you bought an exercise mat you probably just intended to use it for that purpose.  If you were a saavy shopper and decided to invest in a high quality mat that will last you for many years to come you likely paid a decent amount of money for it.  If you bought a Pogamat you’ll find that it is perfect for yoga, pilates, plyometrics, cardio, strength training, at-home workout programs, and so much more.  But did you think that you would be taking it to the beach too, or using it for the kids?  Here are some great ideas for alternative uses for your exercise mat, to help you get your money’s worth.  But don’t forget to keep on using it for exercise!

  1. Play mat for the kids.  Pogamat is thick and comfortable enough for little knees, elbows and tushies to sit and crawl around on.  Great for playtime both indoors and out, plus it is durable and easy to clean.
  2. At the beach.  It can get a little frustrating trying to keep your beach towel or blanket from constantly flapping around in the breeze.  Pogamat won’t fly away or even flutter and provides extra comfort on rocky shores.
  3. When working on the car.  Why lie on the hard garage floor while working underneath your car when you can utilize the comfort of your Pogamat.  The same thing goes for when you’re doing any kind of repairs around the house that require you to lie on the floor.
  4. Picnics.  Enjoy your al fresco meal in the mountains in comfort.  Plus, it provides better stability for your plates and glasses.
  5. Camping.  Lay your Pogamat out on the floor of the tent and get a great night’s rest!

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