Beautiful #trianglepose demonstrated by our ambassador @jennyg2bfit

Beautiful #trianglepose demonstrated by our ambassador and host of #PogamatGratitudeChallenge@jennyg2bfit !
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Day 2 of Pogamat’s 2nd annual#IGGiveaway! Today I am grateful for my health. It’s not something we should ever take for granted. I have developed a healthy relationship with myself. This makes life so much better! What better place is there to be than in a healthy body with a sound mind? It truly is like living in paradise. Treat yourself as good as you treat others (maybe even better) and honor your mind and body. Do not neglect, abuse or sacrifice it for anyone or anything. It’s your temple. Yesterday I was featured on a bikini yoga IG page. It was a nice gesture. Sure I was in a right? It was more exciting for me that I could do it and feel comfortable and even be excited to share the news with others. I got mixed reactions but in the end I was most excited for myself. I realized I am at a place I have always wanted to be: in a strong and confident body that is continually learning the impact of others on my emotions, but not to let them ever blow out the flame I carry inside of me. I have learned there is such a thing called “fit shaming” and it’s ridiculous. People should support others and not attack or purposely bring negativity to others. Let’s encourage others to be the best versions of themselves!! Have a blessed Sunday! ・・・

Let’s show our GRATITUDE TOGETHER. Join me, @jennyg2bfit , along with my co-host, @momwhatsfordinner for Pogamat’s 2nd annual #IGGiveaway!
The Rules:
Must be following:
@Jennyg2bfit 2. Tag 3 friends to join you and tell us what you are grateful for the most! 3. Like and #Repost the pogamat challenge banner (see my feed for this one) with #PogamatGratitudeChallenge4. Must post what you are grateful for over the next 7 days consecutively to qualify! 5. Post a any photo the captures what you are grateful for (doesn’t have to be a yoga pose…anything!! Feel free to be creative). Remember for the next 7 days & Tag @Pogamat & use#PogamatGrati

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