Best Yoga Mats for Beginners

New to Yoga? Here are a Few Tips to Finding the Right Mat

Consider these factors when buying your first yoga mat: thickness, size and grip. Pogamat makes great yoga mats for beginners.

Thicknessyoga mats for beginners

As you just start yoga, you will not be as flexible or know exactly how to get into each of the poses. A thick yoga mat will give you the cushion your joints need when you are learning how to do poses they are testing your balance. Pogamat is 6.5mm thick, and made of dense PVC, which provides cushion without reducing your stability on the mat.



It is nice to have a larger mat when you are starting out, and moving around more on your mat that more advanced practitioners. Pogamat XL is 27″ by 78″, larger than your average mat, which is about 24″ by 68″. A larger size gives you more room to fall, when you are learning, as well.



When you are beginning yoga, it is imperative that you have a mat that you can grip well with your fingers and toes. A mat with more grip will allow you to hold on and not slide as easily. Pogamat has great grip, which actually improves with time, rather than getting more slippery as time goes on.

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