Breaking in Pogamat

February 09, 2014

With High Quality Mats, There Is a “Break-in” Period.

When you first get Pogamat, leave the mat unrolled for 24 -48 hours (logo side up).  The corners of Pogamat are rounded and guaranteed to never “peel up”.  Prior to use, Pogamat XL and Pogamat XXL will have a very thin film. It may take several workouts to break in Pogamat and provide maximum traction.  The more you use the mat the softer the material will become.

Your break in period can vary, depending on what workout routines you do and how you use the mat.  If you are doing cardio exercises and wearing shoes, the mat will “break in” over a week or two.  If you do not wear shoes, it may take a little longer to break in.  Pogamat is a high quality yoga mat and exercise mat designed for all types of workout routines, including high intense cardio workouts with shoes.

The EASIEST way to break in Pogamat: Use it daily!  (see examples below)

The FASTEST way to break in Pogamat (After 1.5 years, customer Michael P. figured it out):


To remove the protective layer quicker (10 minutes total time):

1.  Using a nylon brush, scrub the mat good with pumice soap and a little water (4 oz. for XL and 8 oz for XXL or less). This will help remove the protective layer. Make sure to rinse thoroughly.

2.  Let Pogamat air dry in the sun and leave unrolled for 24-48 hours (logo side up).  Pogamat will always lay flat and the corners will never “peel up”.

ANOTHER way to break in Pogamat:  leave unrolled in a high traffic area of your home.  The constant foot traffic will help to soften the surface.

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