Couples Yoga Can Benefit Your Practice and Your Relationship

Yoga is generally known as something for individuals to practice.  While classes are filled with practitioners, yoga is focused on what is going on with the body and mind of the individual.  This means focusing on your breathing, clearing your mind, and finding your inner strength.  However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for couples yoga, because this is a very popular and beneficial practice as well.

Couples yoga is for any two people who want to share their practice together, not just romantic partners.  It’s a great activity for friends, siblings, even strangers meeting for the first time in class.  Naturally there are a unique set of benefits for couples who are in a relationship, but anyone who wants to strengthen their practice and challenge themselves has something to gain from couples yoga.

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Here are a few key benefits of couples yoga.

  • Builds trust. You and your partner must be able to trust one another with your bodies and provide necessary support, for both safety and emotional needs.
  • Improves communication skills. Because your poses are often connected and dependent on one another, communicating at all times is must.
  • Improves your overall yoga practice. By interacting with another person during couples yoga you have to learn to adapt and be a supportive partner.  This can strengthen your individual practice.
  • Improves your listening skills. Listening to their partner and responding appropriately to their needs is crucial in couples yoga.
  • Increases your self-awareness. Perhaps you never noticed that you did something during your solo yoga practice, but couples yoga can make you more aware of what is going on with your body.

If you are practicing couples yoga with your spouse or partner all of these benefits combined can help improve your overall relationship by bringing you closer and teaching you important skills.

 Pogamat XXL is ideal for your couples yoga practice.  There is plenty of room for two people to move comfortably between poses.  Plus, it is durable and extra thick for comfort and decreased impact on joints.

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