Easy Ways to Exercise at Work

Get out from behind the desk with these easy ways to exercise at work.

It can be very hard to get any exercise with the busy schedules that many people have today.  We’re up early, commuting to work, spending long hours at a desk often not taking a lunch break, working late and then rushing home to feed the family and get some housework done before collapsing into bed.  All of this leaves very little time for a dedicated exercise routine.  But when you’re especially stressed and busy, taking care of your health is that much more important.  The good news is that you can exercise at work with minimal effort and disruption to your routine by incorporating a few of these simple tips.

  1. Walk at lunch.  Yes, this requires that you actually take a lunch break.  So spend it walking and leave enough time to eat a nutritious meal.
  2. Simple weight-lifting.  Buy a set of small dumbbells to keep in your office and spend a few minutes throughout the day doing some repetitions.
  3. Take the stairs.  When it comes to exercise at work, this is a no-brainer.  Instead of taking the elevator a few floors, walk up the stairs.  Commit to taking the stairs whenever you enter and leaving the building.  You could even swap out a few of those inter-office phone calls with a quick walk to the person you need to talk to.
  4. Stretch.  This is also a great way to relieve stress and the tension built up in your muscles after long hours at the computer. You don’t even have to get up from your desk; you can effectively stretch your neck, back, arms and legs while seated.
  5. Wall sits.  Lean against the wall with your legs shoulder width apart and bend your legs until in an almost seated position.  Hold for a few seconds and repeat twenty times.
  6. Desk push-ups.  Work on your upper body strength by standing about three feet away from your desk, feet together with your palms on the edge of the desk.  Lower your chest to the desk and then push back up again.  Repeat this twenty times.
  7. Jump rope.  You can either do this with an actual jump rope or just pretend and do the motions.
  8. Lunges.  Take the widest steps you possibly can and lunge forward as you walk.


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