How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


Let Pogamat Help You Reach Your Goals

Check out our workout mat sale and get yours for up to 40% off! Whether it is to work out more, lose weight, tone up or gain muscle, your Pogamat will be with you the whole way. New Years resolution’s can be hard to keep, so read on for some advice on how to make sure yours last all year.

Get into a Routine

We know you have heard this one before, but we just want to hammer in how important it is for you to find a good routine that will help you to reach your goals. Once you find the right times, make sure you always commit and get that workout in. You will grow your confidence along with your muscle.

Switch Up Your Workout

Add variety to your workout routine to avoid getting bored and in order to target different muscle groups. If you are doing P90X, maybe add yoga to your routine a couple times a week in order to stretch out and prevent injury.

Set Goals

Set goals that you can realistically reach. Check your progress monthly and consider changing your routine if you aren’t seeing the results you are hoping for. Don’t bum yourself out if it takes a while to see the needle move on the scale, but measure success with how you feel.

Happy New Year! We hope your Pogamat will help you reach your goals.

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