How to Pick an Awesome Yoga Mat

When looking for an awesome yoga mat consider your body and the style that you will practice.

It’s always a good idea to invest in your own yoga mat, rather than using the shared mats that are provided at the gym or yoga studio.  Who knows how well they’ve been cleaned, what kind of condition they’re in, or if it’s even really a good choice for you.  If you really want to be dedicated to your practice having an awesome yoga mat that “fits” you right is essential.  You need to develop a kind of long-term relationship with your mat, so it’s important to know what to look for.

Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when searching for an awesome yoga mat is your own body.  How much do you sweat?  Do you have joint problems that will make extra cushion necessary?  Are you allergic to latex or other materials?  These things should come into play when reviewing your choices.  Safety is a major consideration and you want a mat that won’t slide around under you, or that you won’t slide off of when your hands and feet are sweaty.

Also take into consideration what kind of yoga you practice when looking for an awesome yoga mat.  If you practice hot yoga you’ll likely need a PVC mat that is naturally sticky.  You may want to consider a yoga towel that covers the surface of your mat for extra grip.  If power yoga is your favorite be sure to find something that is solid and comfortable, but not so thick that it will interfere with your ability to stay grounded in difficult poses.  If you’re going to practice yin yoga you’ll spend more time in each asana so a thicker, more comfortable mat is a must.  If you think you’ll be practicing a variety a styles it’s advisable to get something that is multi-purpose, or geared towards what style you’ll primarily follow.

Another factor to think about in your quest for an awesome yoga mat is your lifestyle.  If you’re walking or riding your bike to yoga think about how much the mat weighs.  Or if you travel extensively and practice while you’re on the road you need something that is both lightweight and easily portable.  A yoga mat bag may also be a good purchase if this is the case.

Whatever mat you choose, make sure it feels right to you and that you know you will actually use it.  An awesome yoga mat is an asset to your practice.


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