Large Workout Mats For A Better Workout

Some common problems workout enthusiasts face with ordinary workout mats are attrition on the joints and fragility of the material. New Pogamat XL and XXL Large Workout Mats easily solve that problem for several reasons.


They are made out of a thick, durable material which means that they won’t fall apart when taking a beating like others on the market. Pogamat XXL is 6.5 mm thick; this is double the thickness of a regular mat.Large workout mats for a better workout!


Pogamat Large Workout Mats can be placed on dirt, grass, cement, or anywhere so that you can have your ideal workout in any environment.

Easy On The Joints

The thick material is easy on the joints. Its thick material provides enough padding for the joints, eliminating the need for shoes for some workouts if desired.


One of our brands, Great Grip Pogamat, can be used for yoga, P90X, T25, and many other workouts that require a strong grip. In addition, the mat’s rounded corners keep them flat so they can be used in home gyms and aerobic classes.

Whatever your choice of workout is, Pogamat Workout Mats are an ideal investment. Intensify your workout experience by considering these durable and versatile mats.

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