Mats for any Type of Workout Flooring

Pogamat is Sturdy on Any Surface!

Working out at home can be a great option if you don’t have much time for yourself, have young kids, or don’t belong to a gym. Sometimes that means compromising the workout flooring you exercise on, as you might not have space anywhere else but carpet, tile, or your back patio. 

It is hard to workout or do yoga on a soft mat that melts into your carpet, that’s why we designed Pogamat to keep it’s integrity on any workout flooring. Whether it is carpet, harwood,

thick exercise mat

P90X is hard. Pogamat makes it easier!

cement, tile, or grass, the material Pogamat is made out of durable PVC and polyester, will stay strong anywhere.

Pogamat XL and Pogamat XXL both are 6.5mm thick (the thickness of 4 quarters), giving you a sturdy base to practice yoga or do your workout routine.  If you are into P90X, Insanity or any other intense at-home workout, you know that you need a flat, hard base in order to complete many of the workouts.

It is hard to find workout mats for carpet, as most mats are thin and don’t hold their shape on carpet, but rather sink in. Pogamat’s rounded corners keep the mat flat on any workout flooring.

Try out Pogamat’s Workout Mats if you work out at home and a mat that will keep it’s shape, no matter what surface you’re on!

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