Maximize Your Practice: Why Large Yoga Mats are Better

If you’ve ever struggled with a small mat, learn why large yoga mats are better.

Have you ever considered that using large yoga mats could make a difference in your practice?  At Pogamat we’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of your exercise routine, be it yoga, pilates, or any home workout program.  And we know that part of this is having the right exercise mat. We know that one important feature of a great exercise or yoga mat is size.  Have you ever had a hard time staying within the confines of a small mat?  Did it feel awkward or restrict your motions?  Or was the mat just not suited to the kind of workout you were doing, like cardio training?  If you’ve ever felt like you spend more time concentrating on staying on the mat than on your actual workout it’s time to make the switch to Pogamat.  Here’s why large yoga mats are better:

  • Flexibility of uses.  Pogamat is great not just for yoga but also for polymetrics, cardio training, kettlebell workouts, P90X and other exercise DVDs, pilates, and much more.  You won’t be boxed in by a narrow size and don’t need multiple mats for different types of workouts with a Pogamat.
  • Room for your workout partner.  Many of us exercise with a friend for both fun and motivation.  At 48”x78” Pogamat XXL can comfortably fit you and your friend or trainer.
  • Durability.  Pogamats are strong and won’t tear or crumble, another feature that makes them a great choice for a variety of workout programs.  They are twice as thick as regular yoga mats, which makes them more comfortable and reduces impact.  You can hold yoga poses longer or intensify your cardio knowing your Pogamat will endure.

If you’re ready for an exercise mat that won’t hold you back from achieving your fitness goals, choose Pogamat and see for yourself why large yoga mats are better.   why large yoga mats are better

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