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Pilates Mat vs Yoga Mat

Pogamat Can Be Used As Both a Pilates Mat & a Yoga Mat

Pilates and Yoga mats are similar in many ways, but both require different features to get the most out of your workout. Luckily, Pogamat’s workout mats are built to perform well for both yoga and pilates. Here are the things you should consider when looking for a yoga or pilates mat, or even a mat that is good for pilates mat



Pilates and Yoga Mats both range in length from about 65-85 inches long, and about 24 inches wide. The difference between them is the thickness, as pilates mats are often much thicker than yoga mats. Typically, pilates mats are 6-15mm thick, while yogamats are between 2-5mm. Pogamat is 6.5mm thick, so it provides great cushion for the joints in Pilates and is great for yogis who prefer a thicker mat, as well.


Pilates and Yogamats can both be made out of PVC or rubber, because they are sticky materials that will keep you from slipping. Yoga mats can be made out of bamboo, cotton or fabric, however these often do not provide as much traction. Pilates mats can be made out of memory foam or foam, to provide extra cushion. Pogamat is made out of PVC, which is a great material for grip, cushion and also is very sanitary.


Choose a mat based on your needs and use. If you carry your mat back and forth to class, you might want to choose a lighter option, or invest in a mat with a good carrying strap. If you have joint pain, you might want to get a mat that provides more cushion.

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