Pogamat is the Ideal Xbox Workout Mat

Xbox workout mat

Xbox workout on Pogamat XXL – Large Exercise Mat

If you use the Xbox Kinect you need the right workout mat to get the most out of your fitness routine.  Carpet, hardwood, tile or laminate floors are not ideal surfaces for both safety and comfort.  You need a sturdy, comfortable, and safe surface with plenty of room to move.  Pogramat XXL is great as an Xbox workout mat because it provides all this and more.

Xbox offers a lot of exercise games that involve martial arts, dancing, jumping, and kicking.  Pogamat is great for these types of workouts because it is durable and extra thick for comfort.  Our mat is twice as thick as standard yoga mats, which is great for reducing impact on joints.  It’s not going to start crumbling underneath you and is large enough to allow for a full range of motion.

Pogamat also features rounded corners that keep it from curling up.  There won’t be any need to stop and constantly adjust your mat, Pogamat isn’t going anywhere, no matter how intense your workout.  The large size of the Pogamat XXL xbox workout mat will also allow enough space for a workout buddy or trainer.

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