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Pogamat Provides Safe Flooring for Kids Play

safe flooring for kids play

When you’re not using it for your workout program, Pogamat XL provides safe flooring for kids play.

Did you know your Pogamat is skilled at multitasking?  It also provides safe flooring for kids play.

If you have a Pogamat then you already know how fantastic it is for yoga, pilates, and a countless other workout programs.  But did you know that it makes a great play mat for kids?  Take a look at these great features that make Pogamat the perfect choice for safe flooring for kids play.


  • Pogamat XL measures 48” x 78” which is plenty of space for a few little ones and their toys.
  •  It is 6.5 mm thick so it provides a comfortable cushion for little knees, elbows, and heads.
  • Smooth surface provides stability for their gravity-defying creations.
  • Pogamat is durable and shoes can be worn during play time.
  • Can be placed on tile, hardwood, carpet, grass, cement, sand and more so it can go wherever you take your kids.
  • Safe – latex and toxin free.
  • Easy to clean, just use warm soapy water and a cloth to wipe off finger paints, food, and more.

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