We have a couple more days left for the #PogamatGratitudeChallenge!
Let’s see your gratitude pictures. Everyday, be grateful and stay humble!

Just as I was about to begin my yoga practice, I got a sad call from my friend Gleb that he was leaving (leave it him to make it dramatic). Just this Sunday we were joking around and I said he was going to leave me soon, and he laughed and said yes but we didn’t know then.
I’m dedicating my Gratitude challenge today to you Gleb. I’m grateful to have met you, grateful to have become great friends with you. You are truly an incredible human with a kind heart and nicely weird music tastes. Your jungle won’t be the same without you and It sucks that i won’t get to see you before you leave. It is so hard to say goodbye and you know that I’ll miss you very much but I really do hope all of your dreams come true, that you’ll get to travel all over the world and buy your dream trailer and make your family very proud.

You said our friendship was real and true and we will see again, I agree with you. Trying to hold back the tears, I won’t say goodbye, it’s till we meet again my friend. Be safe in all your endeavours until then.
Love, Shavas Day 3 of @pogamat 2nd Annual #IGGiveaway #PogamatGratitudeChallenge

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