Stay Healthy at School with Dorm Room Workouts

Incorporate easy dorm room workouts into your life to keep in top shape for success at school.

If you’re in college you’ve no doubt heard about the “freshman 15.”  This term came about as a way to describe the weight gain that can happen to some students during their first year in college.  It can be attributed to a number of factors including drinking more alcohol, an excess of fat and carbohydrates from eating cafeteria food, lack of sleep, stress, and decreased exercise.  The best way to battle the “freshman 15” is to take proper care of yourself which includes dorm room workouts.

Pogamat is perfect for a variety of dorm room workouts.  Since you’re dealing with limited space, and most likely limited funds, you need an efficient and affordable exercise routine.  Pogamat is ideal for small spaces because it can easily be rolled up and tucked away under your bed or in a closet.  It’s also portable so you can bring it along to fitness classes like yoga and pilates.  Here are a few easy tips to help you stay fit with dorm room workouts.

  • Use free exercise programs on-line.
  • Make it a part of your daily routine.
  • Invest in a few items like hand weights and a Pogamat.
  • Schedule your exercise around your roommates so you can concentrate and not worry about being crowded.
  • Try using game programs like Wii and Xbox.
  • Use other parts of the building like running the stairs.
  • Try cardio like jumping rope, running in place or step aerobics.
  • Get a pull-up bar.
  • Do a bodyweight workout on your Pogamat.
  • Yoga doesn’t require a lot of space and can be practiced outdoors.
dorm room workouts

A shoulder strap is perfect for transporting your Pogamat.

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