The Best Material for a Multi-Purpose Fitness Mat

August 26, 2014


multi-purpose exercise mat

Endless choices and overwhelming amounts of information can often make it difficult in deciding what kind of material you want in your multi-purpose fitness mat.

These days everyone is paying a lot more attention to the materials and ingredients that make up the products and foods that we use on a daily basis.  This is a good thing; we’ve become aware of the impact on both our bodies and the environment and we can use this knowledge to make better choices and help bring about change where it is needed.  So given that we now know a lot more about the dangers of certain chemicals and products, you might be wondering what is the best material for a multi-purpose fitness mat.

You’ll probably get a variety of different answers to that question depending on who you ask.  Many people have very strong opinions about the subject and of course the experts have their recommendations as well.  It also seems like every time we turn on the news or read an article on-line someone is telling us about something toxic that is lurking in our homes just waiting to injure us and our loved ones.  It can be a little overwhelming deciding on which material truly is best for a multi-purpose fitness mat and you might feel like no matter what you choose, someone is saying that something else is better.  Your best bet is to evaluate your priorities and do thorough research including reading product reviews.  Is your number one priority to find a mat that is made from recycled materials?  Or do you want one that is biodegradable?  Do you want one that is toxin free?  Do you want one made from organic materials?  Do you want the most durable mat on the market that will last for a long time, therefore keeping it out of landfills?  Answering these questions will help you narrow your search.

Some of the most popular materials used in making yoga mats and multi-purpose fitness mats are PVC, foam, jute, and natural rubber.  PVC has gotten a lot of bad press in recent years but the good news is that it is now available in non-toxic varieties that are free of phthalates.  Many mats that are marketed as eco-friendly are made from this non-toxic PVC.  But there are still a lot of other choices out there and only you can decide which one will not only suit your fitness needs, but also stay in line with your values.  And remember, the best multi-purpose fitness mat is the one that you will use!

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