Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Massage Ball

A massage ball just might be the best self-care product you never knew you needed.

At Pogamat we’re pretty excited about our new massage ball.  What better way to take care of yourself and get the most out of your exercise routine than with this great product.  It is easy to use and comfortable thanks to the rounded tips.  There is no reason to suffer with stiff muscles and pain when you can effectively and gently work out those knots in the comfort of your own home.  Here are the top 10 reasons why you need a massage ball.

massage ball


  1. It’s an easy, affordable way to release your painful trigger points.
  2. Proper care of your sore muscles means you’re in better condition for your fitness routine.
  3. Because even sitting at a desk and working at a computer takes a toll on our bodies and builds tension in the neck, shoulders and back.
  4. Because using a tennis or golf ball isn’t as effective. They’re too small to reach many areas of the body and often need to be elevated with a block or something similar.
  5. Inflatable or other soft balls don’t provide enough pressure for deep-tissue massage.
  6. Large exercise balls can’t target small areas.
  7. Because you can use it anywhere, even pack it in your suitcase for travel.
  8. It’s a great way to relieve stress and tension.
  9. The massage ball is always there when you can’t get in to see your massage therapist.
  10. Because pain sucks and can keep you from enjoying life!


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