What Makes a Good Yoga Mat

November 18, 2014

What to Look for When Buying Your Mat

Every yogi has a different idea of their ideal yoga mat. Not everyone is built the same, and injuries can also change what each person looks for in a good yoga mat. The following is a list of different features you might look for in your next mat.

Grip You don’t want to be slipping in hot yoga or downward dog, so it’s important to have a mat that will keep your hands and feet from sliding. Pogamat provides great grip, which will help you with those more challenging yoga poses.good yoga mat

Durable When purchasing a mat, you should consider how long it will last you. There are many inexpensive models out there, but many of them end up crumbling after just a couple months. Pogamats last years and years and actually get better with time, not worse!

Size Choose a mat size based on your size and how much room you like to have on your mat, Extra room is always helpful so you don’t have to re-situate yourself on the mat too often to stay on the mat in yoga class. Pogamat XL is 27” by 78”, while your average yoga mat is 24” by 68”.

Cushion Consider how much padding your need for your knees and wrists, due to injuries and soreness during yoga. If you fold your mat over during many poses in yoga, you might want to consider getting a thicker mat. A thicker mat will take up slightly more space when rolled up, while a slimmer mat will be easier to roll up and weigh less. Pogamat is 6.5mm thick, more than twice the thickness of a standard mat.

Where You Do Yoga It is important to consider where you will be practicing yoga. If you will be doing yoga outdoors, on the carpet or tile you will want to get a more sturdy mat. Pogamat keeps it’s integrity on any surface, no matter how soft or bumpy the ground is, so you can do yoga anywhere!

Shape A yoga mat with rounded corners will stay flat on the ground much easier that one with straight edges. On the other hand, yoga mats with straight corners roll up easier. Pogamat’s corners of our workout mats are rounded to keep the mat lying flat.

Sanitary If a mat that is easy to clean up is important to you, then make sure you don’t get a porous mat. Our yoga mats protect from germs and odor, aren’t porous and are easy to clean up!

Buy a Pogamat XL here.

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