Why You Should Buy Local Part 2

When you buy local you support your community, economy and environment.

In our blog post yesterday we started discussing the important reasons why you should buy local food.  Here’s the rest of our list.

6.  Local food builds community.  It may sound old-fashioned but when you buy local you’re honoring the connection between grower and eater.  At the farmers market you can ask questions and get to know the wonderful people who grow your food.

7.  Local food preserves open spaces.  If local farmers can survive financially, the less likely they are to sell their farmland for development.

8.  Local food keeps your taxes in check.  Farms contribute more in taxes than they require in government services.  For every dollar of revenue raised by a farm, open space or forest, the government spends 34 cents.  This is opposed to the $1.17 spent by the government on services for every dollar of urban development.

9.  Local food is good for the environment and wildlife.  Good farmers manage their land properly and grow cover crops which capture carbon emissions to help control global warming.

10.  Local food supports the future.  Buying local today will ensure that there are local farmers serving the community in the future.

Pogamat is proud to be a local Colorado company!


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