Wii Workout Mat

If you use Wii Fit as a part of your exercise routine you’ll need a good Wii workout mat.

Video games are often thought of as something just for kids and couch potatoes.  But that perception may have changed with the release of Wii Fit.  Nintendo’s exercise game became a popular way for families to have fun while exercising without having to invest in gym memberships or expensive home equipment.

If you currently use, or are thinking about buying, Wii Fit we’d like to recommend Pogamat for your Wii workout mat.  Just as Wii Fit is designed for use by all ages and fitness levels, Pogamat is great for the whole family.  It is durable and you can use it with shoes or without.  It provides a safe, nonslip surface and at 6.5 mm thick Pogamat provides extra cushion for comfort and reduced impact on joints.

Pogamat is also easy to store; just roll it up and keep it out of the way when you’re not using it.  And if you have kids who use the workout video games, your Pogamat can serve a dual purpose as a play mat as well.  Don’t worry if something gets spilled on your Pogamat, it cleans up easily with just some soapy water and a cloth.

Pogamat is just as great as a Wii workout mat as it is for a variety of other exercise programs including yoga, pilates, plyometrics and cardio workouts.

Wii workout mat

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