Yoga Mat Accessories for Safety and Improved Practice

yoga mat accessories

A shoulder strap is perfect for transporting your Pogamat.

Yoga is pretty low maintenance as far as fitness programs go.  You don’t need much more than your body and the right yoga mat.  However, there are a lot of great yoga mat accessories both for practical purposes, and some that can help with your practice, should you decide you’d like to expand your horizons.  Here’s a look at some of the most popular yoga mat accessories.

Yoga Mat Shoulder Straps – We offer these handy straps at Pogamat.  They make it so much easier to transport your mat, they keep the mat rolled up tight, and also feature a ring where you can attach your keys or water bottle.

Massage Ball – These are great for working out trigger points and relieving fatigued muscles.  Our Pogamat massage ball features rounded tips for comfort.

Yoga Towels – These towels fit over your yoga mat and absorb excess sweat to keep you from sliding around.

Yoga or Toe Socks – Functional socks with full or half toes help you get a good grip on your mat.

Yoga Gloves – Just like yoga socks, these provide extra traction, particularly helpful when practicing hot yoga.

Yoga Mat Spray and Wipes – Keeps your mat clean, fresh and germ free.

Yoga Blocks and Bolsters – These provide added support, help deepen stretches and reduce strain.

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